The Last View

It was just a few months into the year 2050. The world had hanged drastically over the last 50 years. We had defeated most of the major illnesses and space was within our grasp. The latest discovery was a cure for cancer. The rate of cancer in people had increased in the last few years, so needless to say this discovery was the most important.The first 500 human trials were reported as success. People around the world were queuing up for the their chance at the miracle cure. 

That’s when things started going horribly wrong. The worst horrors were turning into reality. People who had taken the cure were changing into something else. The only way people could describe them were as zombies, thanks to the countless movies and books. There brain function was almost nil and their logical and reasoning capabilities were non-existent. They were left as empty shells driven by an urge to feed on anything organic. Regular life ceased and people were driven into hiding while the government tried to manage the crisis. Within a month all countries had manged to round-up most of those to who had used the drug. Reports that the situation was coming under control was spread out to calm the people.

The next week changed everything. Those who weren’t found on time had infected other humans and chaos had broken out. Large scale evacuations were carried out.By the end of three months the population of the living had reduced to mere 1%,  while the undead where spreading everywhere. Decisions were made. We couldn’t hide forever.Life on earth was no longer an option. We had four airships ready for travel. These ships were made for space exploration and other studies but now their purpose had changed. They had the capabilities to sustain life for a long period.  Taking into account all the factors it was found that at full capacity people could live here for a hundred years. Food was no longer a problem as they had been reduced to the form of pills. And the fact that the ships had labs that doubled as farms meant some forms of plant life could be saved.Those who chose to stay behind were asked to stay in bunkers. Even though it was certain it wont be much use. The plan was to come back once the planet was once again able to sustain human life.

Everything was ready and we were prepared to leave the planet we called home. Everyone rushed to the viewing area to catch a last glimpse of blue planet. The captain’s voice announced that there were five seconds left on the timer. We kept our eyes locked on earth, taking in the spectacular view. From up here it looked so serene, no signs of the horror down there were visible. The timer counted down and we braced ourselves, not the for the physical impact of the nukes, but for the vision of our home blowing up and becoming a memory.

Written for Ermilia’s Picture It & Write Challenge. Click the pic for the original challenge.

© Sunita Menon,2012

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12 Responses to The Last View

  1. ru says:

    wow!!! this cud really be a novel actually!!!luved it!!! well written!!!!…:)

  2. Good story, and yikes….
    Isn’t it great that a cancer cure is in our future. Hope it doesn’t take the turn it does here in your story… hopefully I wasn’t one of those who took the fake cure…!
    Oh hang on; I forgot, this is only a story…! 😉
    Well done… 🙂

  3. Anne Schilde says:

    This is cool. It’s like you’ve taken all our stupidity and bundled it all up at once in a sci-fi wrapper and made it our reason to leave! Sometimes I see sci-fi horror as my reason to just quit writing. 🙂

    I see you asking for criticism and I want to read more before I offer any. I am curious about how old you are. Peace out… thanks always for reading! ♥

    • Sunita Menon says:

      This is my first attempt at writing sci-fi. Well this is my first week at writing any kind of stories. Eager to know your opinions on my work. Take your time, read the rest when you are free. As for my age, I’m twenty-one.

  4. Ermilia says:

    Oh my, Sunita.That was beautiful. So depressing and well written. I’d love to see this concept elaborated into a full length novel! Thanks for contributing this week. Please return! 😀

    – Ermisenda

  5. joetwo says:

    I honestly can’t say that I would have seen zombies from that photograph. It is truly amazing how each writers imagination works differently. Good story.

    • Sunita Menon says:

      It’s funny what our minds can come up with, isn’t it? I thought of global warming, space travel and all those but felt these ideas have already been worked on too much so went with the zombies. Glad you enjoyed it.

  6. Bay says:

    This is a great story! 🙂 If I can offer some advise without seeming like im sticking my nose in (feel free to ignore me!!), near the end you say the plan was for them to go back to restart life, but then they all seem to know the earth is about to be blown up, so maybe you could expand on one or the other for more drama? 🙂 I loved it though, I like how you’ve told your story through an almost invisible narrator.

    • Sunita Menon says:

      Thanks for pointing that out. I should have explained better; what i meant was the destruction caused by nukes. They would destroy the surface and the atmosphere but the planet remains that’s why i mentioned that the plan was to return later. But yours is a good point to keep in mind so thanks again.

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